Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Friend photos

Since I showed off Stephanie's White Pelicans in Lake Winnebago, I thought I'd do the same for Dipu's pictures from his July trip to the Lake Tahoe area. These pictures are on his blog (look for Blogacharya in the links to the right), and you can find them there, but I thought I'd give you a direct link.

You'll see a lot of birds we don't have here: Northern Harrier, Stellar's Jay, White Crowned Sparrow, Audubon's Warbler and the Western Tanager.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lots to share

I got permission to show off those White Pelicans from Wisconsin Stephanie shot 7/28/07.

Here they blow:

For some reason, I didn't have much luck shooting the birds in Austin in August. Saw lots of house Finches, wrens, chicadees, and ruby throated hummingbirds, but the photos came out pretty poorly, so I won't post them.

However, I did get these shots:

Check out how pollen laden that bee is.

I can't identify the B-fly feasting on the fig with the eye spots. It looks like a Satyr or nymph, but it doesn't exactly match any in my field guide.

The orange b-fly is an eastern comma. Purty. By the way, wanna attract the B-flys? Lay out your apple cores, orange rinds and figs for that matter. They love rotting fruit.

Here's some more wildlife from the yard.

Okay, close up of the pollen laden bee.

Another shot of the comma.

A juvenile cardinal in my vegetable garden.

A male tropical checkered Skipper.

A dragonfly nymph? Not sure. Anyone know for sure?

Recently, I decided I needed Barn Owls in my yard. I have a bit of a rodent problem and one brood of these amazing owls can eat 2000 rodents a year. So I built and installed a barn owl box. Put it up Aug. 1. Will let you know when I get tenants.